Guest Posting

Guest Posting

Guest blogging also called “guest posting” is the act of writing content for another company’s website. Generally, guest bloggers write for similar blogs within their industry in order to:

  • Attract traffic back to their website,
  • Boost their domain authority using external links to high-authority domains,
  • Increase their brand credibility and awareness, and
  • Build relationships with peers in their industry.

Almost always, guest blogging offers mutual benefits for both the guest blogger and the website hosting the guest content. In other words, guest blogging is a two-way street — so when you decide to hop on the guest blogging bandwagon, you should consider featuring posts by guest bloggers on your own website, too.

The first major aspect you’ll want to consider is if you want guest posts on your blog. It’s entirely up to you — there’s no need to accept authors because they’ve emailed you.

However, you’ll quickly learn in the blogging world that guest posting is one of the more common practices and, when done correctly, it can significantly boost your own site and authority in a given niche.

The boost I’m talking about comes on many levels, especially for the author of the guest blog, but because this is about guest posts you’re accepting (rather than writing), I’ll focus on that aspect.

  • Free Content

Deciding to accept guest post authors essentially frees up your publishing schedule while providing your readers with excellent content.

Yes, it will take time to coordinate with the author and publish the article, but you don’t have to write it, which can save a ton of time.

Likewise, the goal of accepting a guest post is that the author of the said post has more experience in a particular area of your niche than you do.

In the best scenarios, the guest post article has revolutionary information that comes straight from the source — a scientist with a new study, for example — that you get to share with your audience in a direct way.

  • Broadens Your Blog

The second major benefit to allowing guest posts on your site is that it increases the scope, both for yourself and your audience.

When you introduce a dedicated audience to new, awesome people, they are forever grateful. You become a magnet for new information, and while it may draw a dribble of traffic away from you, your audience will most likely thank you for it.

There’s also the fact that allowing guest posts on your blog greatly increases your connections in the industry.

In the beginning, you’ll probably get guest post requests from blogs that are smaller than yours, but as you rise in the ranks you can find some big fish that want to rise to the top together.

Rubbing shoulders with these folks will secure your blog’s place in search rankings, which only means more readers.

What is the difference between blogging and guest posting?                             

Publishing a blog post and guest post is the same. You have to perform keyword research and start writing an article around the focus keyword. If you publish it on your own blog, then it’s termed as a blog posting. If you publish it on someone’s blog, then it’s termed as guest posting.

What are the benefits of guest blogging?

Guest blogging works well as a marketing tactic because it’s symbiotic. It benefits both publishers and writers.

When the content is relevant, valuable, and high-quality, publishers get fresh content that their audience can enjoy and appreciate.

There are many potential benefits of guest blogging for writers:

  • Builds brand awareness,
  • Builds relationships,
  • Boosts authority,
  • Reaches new audiences,
  • Drives traffic to their website,
  • Builds backlinks that boost site SEO,
  • Grows their email list,
  • Grows social media following.

   What is Sponsored Post?

Now that you have a basic idea of the guest post, it’s time to expose all the secret facets of the sponsored post.

This is an inherently murky subject because it deals with money and corporate entities, two components that are necessary in the blogging world but can seriously complicate an otherwise easy and friendly pastime.

As your blog grows you will find more and more emails from companies with products or a point of view that want to either get reviewed by you, interviewed by you, or post some sort of content on your behalf.

You should know right off the bat — this will always help the company.

They are looking for the obvious press, but more importantly, they are looking for a backlink. I’ll get into the specifics of this below, but know that the underbelly of the sponsored post beast (and the guest post) is the backlink.

Why is guest posting important for Business?

Guest blogging offers a number of benefits for any business. By sharing your expertise on other companies’ websites, you can establish yourself as an authority figure within your market, build relationships with other thought leaders in your field and expose your brand to an entirely new audience.

Additionally, featuring guest posts on your own blog will help you deliver new perspectives and fresh content to your audience. We’re all guilty of falling victim to a routine and growing tired of the same old stuff, so featuring guest posts is a great way to keep readers engaged — not to mention the promotional boost that occurs when your guest bloggers share their blogs with their personal network.

Does guest posting still work in 2021?

YES, “Guest blogging is still quite effective as it is among the most popular strategies for authority building. Getting links from high-quality sites will greatly boost your position with search engines. Guest posting on other sites will help your SEO, but it depends on where you are guest posting.

Does guest posting help in SEO?

As long as you’re careful and considerate about creating high-value guest blogs for legitimate websites, guest blogging can be a great tool for building your domain authority and moving up in SEO rankings.

It’s understandable, though, why many have questioned whether or not guest blogging will hurt their business. With the risk of “spam bloggers” who try to bribe blog owners into letting them post low-quality content for their own link-building and SEO benefit, many marketers have decided to opt against it entirely.

Ultimately, developing an SEO-boosting guest blogging strategy comes down to providing genuine, helpful, and relevant content to educate readers — not low-quality content used as a mere container for links to your website.

So as long as your content is of high quality, guest blogging is a great way to increase your site rankings. The way Google sees it, if other people are linking back to your blog on their own websites, then the content on your blog must be relevant and interesting.

When individuals comment, share, like, or link to your blog, it moves up in Google’s PageRank — that means, it’s much more likely to pop up first when someone googles a similar topic.

Where can I find free guest posting sites?

Determine if the sites on your list accept guest posts. You should start with the obvious places: look at the “Contact us” and “About Us” pages to see if they mention anything about guest posting guidelines. Some sites will have pages labeled “Guest Posting” or “Write for us”.

Or Use this,

List of 350 Free Guest Posting Sites in 2021.

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